Local Teen’s Booming Business

SARATOGA SPRINGS — If you’re looking to escape the daily grind, and experience life in the great outdoors, a local eighteen-year-old may have the solution. Vivi E Basta, located at Brown’s Beach at Saratoga Lake, was founded by eighteen-year-old Nicholas Scialdone III.

Renting a variety of boats, kayaks, paddle boards and more, Nick is putting the pandemic behind him and selling fun. He also has Pontoon boats that range from 22 to 25 feet which can have ten to twelve passenger options. For families who want something smaller he offers a bow rider which seats about seven, and he plans to add jet skis to the rental list, although they will not be available until at least July 1, due in part to shipping.

Vivi E Basta in Italian means “to just live” according to Nick. He created this business two years ago when COVID had started to help get people outside and have fun. The business opened last year and has seen much success since its opening. At just sixteen, Nick, with the help of his father, started the process of figuring out what the brand meant to him as well as working with the town of Stillwater to cut through all the red tape in order to open. Now at eighteen, Nick is the sole owner of Vivi E Basta Rentals and Vivi E Basta Eats, with his father Nicholas Scialdone II as his silent partner.


Nick enjoys having his father’s help with the business because he sees it as having someone who sees things in a more mature aspect. His father also helped with getting the business up and running when it came to making sure everything was done according to what the town needed. Nick often looks to his dad when it comes to checking in to make sure things are done correctly, especially with being so young and owning a business. 

Vivi E Basta Eats is the concession stand that Nick also owns, which is located at Brown’s Beach Marina. He leases the facility as well as any and all machines he needs to have food available for beach goers. Some things that he offers at the concession stand is hot food, snow cones, novelty ice cream, personal pan pizzas (to continue with the Italian theme), fresh food like fruit and veggie platters, and charcutier boards. The idea is to cater to the younger demographic with offering natural fresh food made right on the spot.

While Nick may be eighteen he is wise beyond his years. His goal for this business was to create activities that push people to just live life by doing what they fear by accepting that fear is just a perspective. When asked about this idea, Nick said “Pushing yourself to just live through the moment and to just be in the moment to see what it really means to be yourself and to just go through the motions. Not thinking through every single second of the day wondering what’s going to happen next. To just have fun because life is short and to enjoy it while we can.” He wants his customers to be able to go out and have a good time and forget what they have behind them on shore. 

For more information you can visit  viviebastarentals.com/ or call 518-709-5463. Vivi E Basta is located at 511 NY-9P Saratoga Springs. You can also email him at info@viviebastarentals.com. Vivi E Basta will officially open for the season on May 28. 


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