Jet Ski Rental in Saratoga & Lake George

Vivi E Basta offers you a unique, exciting way to connect with the amazing sights, unique features, and attractions on your jet ski. The pleasure of feeling the wind and the water spraying on your face while you sit comfortably on our well-maintained jet skis is heavenly!
And if you prefer leisurely cruises, you’ll enjoy navigating your jet ski near the bay while taking in the amazing sights Saratoga Lake has to offer. Not forgetting the beautiful memories that will last for life.
At Vivi E Basta, we make renting a Jet Ski fun and simple so you can enjoy more fun vacations on Saratoga Lake. We want you and your loved one to experience the freedom, life, and newness that doing what makes you happy brings.
So, drop by, rent a jet ski and get the fun rolling!
If you have any concerns about our Jet Ski rentals, we are available to help now. Let us know your needs so we can tailor our services to meet these needs.

Jet Ski Rental Overview

Jet Ski

45 Minute Tour


Passenger (Maximum 3)

$25 Each

10:30am – 11:15am

12:00pm – 12:45pm

  3:00pm –  3:45pm

  4:30pm –  5:15pm

“$50 deposit paid now to hold your reservation, the rest when you arrive”

Our Jet Ski Rental Package

When you rent a jet ski at Vivi E Basta, here’s what you get with your package:

Please note: Our jet skis can only carry 3 passengers or less not more than 600 lbs.
According to the US Coast Guard Laws, children are counted as passengers.

Reasons Why Jet Ski Rental is Beneficial

Jet skis offer you a safe, affordable way to enjoy the water

Unlike other to-do vacation activities that are quite expensive, jet skiing is very affordable. This makes it perfect if you’re working on a budget but still want to have mad fun.

You can rent a jet ski alone or with friends

Though a jet ski can fit up to 3 passengers not more than 600 lbs, you can also rent it alone. So, whether alone or with friends, young or old, renting jet skis guarantees fun-filled moments on the water.

Jet Skis are Easy to Navigate

Whether it is your first time to water ski or you’re a pro, controlling a jet ski is easy to learn. With only a short training session, you’ll know how to control the jet ski with no problem.

Boost Your Endurance

As you ride through the waves, you’ll not only build your endurance but also burn more calories. And in the end, this will greatly boost your exercise as you’ll be able to train longer and harder.

25' Pontoon Rental Overview

Visiting Saratoga Lake for Your Annual Vacation?

Vivi E Basta is the go-to jet skis rental company in Saratoga and Lake George. When you rent with us, we don’t just throw the keys at you and say, ‘have fun!’ we are available to help 24/7 to make your vacation more exciting and rewarding.

Jet Ski Rental Restrictions

25' Pontoon Rental Overview

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