Kayak Rental Overview

1 or 2-seater kayak rentals are a great way to enjoy Saratoga Lake and Browns Beach.
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    Single or Tandem (Double) Kayaks.
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    1 or 2 Passenger (Max capacity of 400 lbs.)


All Day Rental
9am to 5pm
Half Day
After 12pm

Rental Details

  • Limited to Saratoga Lake Use only
  • For your safety we do not rent in very heavy windy conditions or when there is a rough current
  • Please note, the person signing the contract must be 18, have a valid ID, cell phone, & credit card. There is no minimum age to ride, but if they are a minor, a parent must be with the minor.

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  • Kayaks are limited to the Saratoga Lake Only
  • Person signing the contract must be 18, have a valid picture ID, & a VALID credit card for incidentals.
  • Total weight capacity is 400lb.
  • During this rental you will be responsible for kayaking on your own and must have the experience and/or skill to do so.
  • Kayaker must speak English proficiently.

What's Included:

  • Sit-on-top Kayaks
  • Up to 2 USCG certified life jackets (Children & Infant sizes available)
  • comfortable seats
  • Up to 2 paddles
  • Dry storage Bin (Whatever you bring should be waterproof, as it may get wet)
  • Map of waterways
  • A Watch
  • Anchor (on request)
  • Friendly & professional instruction

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All Day Rental
9am to 7pm

Half Day Rental

9am to 2pm | 2pm to 7pm


$100 deposit paid now to hold your date the rest when you visit us

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All Day Rental
9am to 5pm
Half Day
After 12pm

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